Thursday, August 7, 2008

My brother Al's pillows!

This picture is of some of the pillows that my brother Al has made. Aren't they beautiful! They all have leather backs on them, each one is totally differant and so unique. Look for these at the show in Little Falls MN in Sept., or email me to buy them.
I got a lot done yesterday even though I don't have a finished product to show for it. I had to do lots of prep work to get things started. I am working on about 10 differant projects at once. The big push is on! My head is spinning so look out......

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Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie,
I know the feeling about your head spinning with so much to do before the big show. I know I have another month longer than you to get ready for my show but I'm worrying that I won't have enough items made.
I agree with you that it is getting harder to do shows with the economy the way it is and also having all the imports at shows now. That is part of the reason that I think it might be time for me to retire. My shows just have not been that good for the last few years.(except Sauerkraut Festival, it's always good!)
I left you a reply on my blog site to your questions about the Sauerkraut Festival if you want to hop over to read it.
I have added you to my favorite blogs list and am looking forward to chatting with you more. I wish you the best on getting ready for your big show.