Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New purses!

These are 3 of the new purses that I've made. I took a picture of the inside of each one so you can see what the inside looks like. I always try to make the insides special too. They are SOOOOO cool the pictures don't do them justice, I think they will be a hit. Real stinkers to make but love the way they turned out. I will be finishing up 5 more purses today that are a different style. I had an order for one so thought I would make multiples instead of just one so I can sell them at the show. I also have lots of dollies started for you dolly lovers. Well I better get to work now, byeeeeeeee.

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Anonymous said...


I really like your purses. The colors look so great for fall. Did you order your labels for the inside of them? I've been ebmbroidering mine. I found some fabric that doesn't fray, so no turning under the edges~just sewing them into the bags.

I went back to the sewing store today to get more bobbins and some extra feet for my machine that I thought would help make my sewing my purses easier.

Have not gotten as much made this past week as I would of liked but my grand-daughter starts back to school next week and my youngest daughter that still lives at home is starting a full-time job on Monday. And when she is home, she is doing her college classes on-line, so it should be pretty quiet around here to work all day. Yeah!!

Happy Crafting,