Wednesday, August 6, 2008

OMG, it's only one month till my big craft show!

Wow, can you believe it's only a month until my biggest craft show! The summer has flown by hasn't it! It's the 36th annual Little Falls arts and crafts fair in Little Falls MN. The dates are September 6-7th.
My booth space is I-6 & 7 kitty corner from the police station.
This is the website for all the info on it:
I hope you can all attend. I will have LOTS of new and unique things. Yicks, it sure makes me nervous to think I only have a month left to fill my booth, no pressure or anything, lol. I need to get creating now so I'll see you at the arts and crafts fair.


anniescupboards said...

Hey DEB! I am in Sunrise, Florida.
Not too far from Hollywood at all. I have friends that live there. The show I plan on doing is a variety of vendors coming. It will be my first craft show. The show its self is on its 2nd year. I am doing a small show to get my feet wet and to get to know the local crafters in my area. I am having a lot of fun preparing and getting ready for the show. Thanks for the price suggestion on the camera bags. I will try to sell them at that price. I was just not sure how much to charge. Its a crazy thing we do to our selves with not knowing what to charge. HA HA!

Anonymous said...

Hi Deb,
I found your blog through Wonders of Whimsey. Your craft booth looks wonderful! I also do crafts shows, this is my 24th year. I live in Ohio and my biggest show, the Sauerkraut Festival is in 2 months. (200,000-300,000 people attend) I'm planning on retiring after this year but am not sure if I can give this show up or not. How many shows a year to you do? I use to do 10-12, but the last several years only 4-6. Best Wishes on your up-coming show.